Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Read the good writers, listen to them speak if you can

Below are some links to information about Octavia Butler. She died unexpectedly last weekend, and I am very sad. I admired her work; and I had been fortunate enough to meet her a few times, but I was always in awe of her tremendous dignity.

Delany-Butler conversation, 1998

MZBFM interview, 1999, which Marion and I commissioned since we both had such respect for her work (Thank you, Wayback Machine.)

2000, from Strange Horizons
This article has a few good links to the unofficial Octavia Butler website and a bibliography with comments.

2000 interview in Locus

Nice pic by Beth Gwinn:

Commentary from Washington Post, Jamal Simmons' column

obituary at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website -- contains link to Seattle newspaper obituary

March 1, 2006: New York Times

Comment from Joe Haldeman

Nothing I can say right now sounds anything except stupid. So all I will say is: read her books. Read other good books recommended to you by readers you respect. If you aspire to craftsmanship as a writer, seek out the writers you like and listen to them speak, at science fiction conventions and other venues.

-- Rachel Holmen